Bench Painting

Bench Painting 2017

Tuesday, May 9th 11:00am-2:00pm
rain date: Wednesday, May 10th 11:00-2:00pm

The Bench Painting application process is very competitive with only 38 benches to be allocated for painting.  

Bench Painting is proudly co-sponsored by:

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The following items will disqualify the organization from receiving a bench:

  • Any applications that were received after the Thursday, April 14th 9:00pm deadline (this includes sketches that are submitted through the gate of  Student Involvement after closing time) are ineligible for a bench. No sketch should be turned in in-person. The sketch must be submitted with the application on Get Connected. 
  • Any incomplete applications, this includes not having submitted an online application and only having submitted a sketch or having submitted a sketch, and not an online application, are ineligible to receive a bench.
  • Any applications that are missing the signature of a faculty advisor may be ineligible to receive a bench. yThis signature is to be on the Sketch document
  • Applications with sketches that were submitted without any coloring may not be eligible for a bench.

In order for your organization to eligible to paint a bench, it must be in good standing with the  Student Involvement, Office of Student Conduct, Student Centers, and Events Management. 

Bench Painting instructions:  

Benches need to be painted on May 3rd during the Bench Painting Party.  If it is predicted to rain, we will be prepared to host the Bench Painting Party on May 4th.  Please plan accordingly.  All allocated benches must be painted by Friday, May 6th.  If your organization is not able to paint your bench by sunset on Friday, May 6th, you forfeit your bench and your organization will be ineligible for a bench the following year.  After Tuesday, May 3rd (or Wednesday, May 4th in the case it rains on Tuesday) your organization is responsible for providing any painting materials necessary to finish painting your bench.  Student Involvement will only provide supplies during the Bench Painting Party.  No supplies will be available for checkout afterward.


Application Components:

Get Connected Application

Bench Design Sketch-Signature Sheet

 Here are some awesome examples of benches painted in the past!