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September 20th & 21st, 2024

See below for a recap of our Spring 2024 GameMason:

Experience an event like no other at Mason!

George Mason University’s Student Involvement and the Center for the Arts, in collaboration with Mason’s Computer Game Design program, and GMU Esports, team up once again for GAMEmason, an engaging two-day gaming convention on Mason’s Fairfax campus.  

GAMEmason 2024 will feature guest speakers from the industry; educational sessions featuring faculty and staff from Mason as well as alumni and business leaders; free arcade play; tabletop and console gaming; artist alley featuring work by Mason students; vendors and businesses from across the game industry, and more! 

Varsity level collegiate Esports teams from across the region will be competing in tournaments. Games featured in the tournament will include Rocket LeagueLeague of LegendsOverwatch 2Valorant, and Super Smash Brothers crew battles.

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Spring 2024 Featured Guest Speakers

Jennifer Hale

Voice Actress featured in Overwatch, Mass Effect, and Cinderella

Andrew McNeill

Vice President of Esports at Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Wes Johnson

Video game voice actor featured in Starfield, Skyrim, & Fallout (and many others!), as well as the Washington Capitals Arena Announcer.

Greg Grimsby

Associate Professor in Computer Game Design

Nathan Hahn

Associate producer at Bethesda Game Studios

Dr. Caitlin McGee

Co-Founder of 1HP

And A Special Performance By George Mason’s Own Green Machine!

2024 Spring Schedule

Important Announcement:

Friday: Get to game mason early for parking at A or K for free.

Friday, February 23


  • Doors Open
  • Arcade, Old Console games, Mario Cart and Super Smash Switch Set-ups, Indie Games,
    • @ Main Lobby
  • VR, 3D Printers, Chess,
  • @ Grand Tier III


  • Activity Tent opens – Artist Alley and Vendors
    • Buchanan Hall
  • Tabletop Gaming Opens @buchannon hall
    • @ Holton Plaza


  • Workshop 1: 1HP – Game without Pain and Work without Strain
    • @CFA Concert Hall

12pm – 1pm:

  • Wes Johnson Meet and greet
    • @ CFA Grand Tier II

Wes Johnson Meet and Greets are for MASON STUDENTS ONLY! Students can register on Mason360: Wes Johnson.

  • Sponsored lunch on Friday – (Closed for Esports Tournament participants)
    • @ Johnson Center Room 139

1:15pm – 2pm:

  • Workshop 2: Wes Johnson –The Many Worlds of Voice Acting
    • @ CFA Concert Hall


  •  Taiko No Tatsujin Tournament – Highest Score Wins!
    • @ CFA Main Lobby


  • Ms. Pac-Man Tournament – Highest Score Wins!
    • @ CFA Main Lobby


  • Workshop 3: Greg Grimsby – Developing Board Games
    • @ CFA Concert Hall


  • Deadpool Pinball Tournament – Highest Score Wins! 
    • @ CFA Main Lobby


  • Workshop 4: Andrew McNeil – VP for Esports for Monumental, – Journey through Esports, Hosting Large Events and the Esports Professional Scene
    • @CFA Concert Hall


  • Voice Acting Master Class with Jennifer Hale – Harris Theatre – Observers are welcome – Check-in with the QR code or Sign in if community. 


  • Workshop 5: Nathan Hahn – Getting a job in the Game Industry
    • @CFA Concert Hall


  • Green Machine Performance


  • Doors Open for Jennifer Hale seating
    • @ Concert Hall


  • Guest Speaker– Jennifer Hale goes on
    • @ CFA Concert Hall
  • Tent Closes
  • Tabletop Gaming Closes

8pm – 9pm:

  • Jennifer Hale Meet and Greet
    • @ CFA Grand Tier II

Jennifer Hale Meet and Greets are for MASON STUDENTS ONLY! Students can register on Mason360: Jennifer Hale.


  • Lobby Closes

Saturday, February 24


  • Doors Open
  • Arcade, Old Console games, Mario Cart and Super Smash Switch Set-ups, Game Design Senior Capstone Games, VR, 3D Printers, and Chess.
    • @ Lobby Area and Grand Tier III
  • Low Stimulation Location opens
    • @CFA Grand tier II


  • Varsity Tournament Finals – Omega Strikers
    • @ Concert Hall
  • Activity Tent opens – Artist Alley, Vendors, Green Screen Photos
    • @ Holton Plaza
  • Tabletop Gaming Opens
    • @ Buchannan Hall
  • League or Legends Open play with Varsity Players
    • @ CFA Lobby until 3pm


  • Varsity Tournament Finals – Call of Duty (COD)
    • @ CFA Concert Hall


  • Varsity Tournament Finals – Rocket League
    • @ CFA Concert Hall


  • Counterstrike open Play with Varsity Players until 9pm


  • Cosplay Runway
    • @ CFA Concert Hall


  • Varsity Tournament Finals – Valorant
    • @ CFA Concert Hall


  • Tent Closes


  • Varsity Tournament Finals – Overwatch
    • @ CFA Concert Hall


  • Varsity Tournament Finals – Super Smash Bros
    • @ CFA Concert Hall
  • Tabletop Gaming Closes


  • Last Final; Lobby activities close
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Student Involvement

Student Involvement encourages students and staff to think creatively. We want everyone to contribute ideas and think of new ways they may enhance campus and their experience at Mason. We offer opportunities to put your ideas into action, learn from hands-on experiences, meet new people, develop life-long friendships and gain skills that will help you be ready for wherever your future takes you!

CFA banner

The Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts is part of the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA), whose mission is to make the arts an intrinsic part of the lives of every George Mason University student and area resident. The Great Performances at Mason season is integral to the College’s mission, providing a diverse program of challenging and entertaining cultural experiences for the entire University community, as well as Northern Virginia and the greater Washington, D.C. area.

The College’s professional presenting division plays an important role in enriching the academic programs across the University through performances that examine important issues and bring global cultures to Mason. Each year, CVPA students have opportunities to interact with artists from the Great Performances at Mason season through master classes and residencies. Through the Free Tickets for Mason Students program, all Mason students are invited to experience the many inspiring performances at the Center.

Computer Game Design

The 120 credit Computer Game Design program enables students to focus on the artistic components of computer game design while providing them with the technical skills prerequisite to the field. Required courses include computer science, art and visual technology, music, the humanities, and computer game design. The required internship provides students with practical experience that enhances their employability postgraduation. Students study both the sciences and the arts, all in a revolving-role team-based, project-based new pedagogical environment. The GMU Computer Game Design program hosts the only U.S. Serious Game Institute (in partnership with the University of Coventry U.K.), that concentrates on game-related applied research and new innovative game company cultivation.

Mason Innovation Exchange

The MIX provides a collection of collaborative spaces focusing on innovation + entrepreneurship.

Whether you are a faculty member hoping to add a hands-on component to your class, a student exploring a new technology, a group exploring a business idea, or just looking to expand your viewpoint, the MIX can support you.

Dungeons and Dragons Club at George Mason University

Dungeons and Dragons at George Mason University strive to encourage students to play RPG games and to meet other students with similar interests. We strive to allow people to be characters they would want to be and play out their own imagination. Members are encouraged to use their imagination to create backstories and gameplay. DnD focus is to allow students to have fun and to enjoy playing the game.

Pokémon Club at George Mason University

Our goal is to create an inclusive space for Pokémon ®enthusiasts. It’s a space to relax, hang out and participate in Pokémon ®-related activities throughout the school year.
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Tabletop Role Playing Game Club at George Mason University

The Tabletop Role Playing Game Club at George Mason University aims to act as a means for those interested in playing, running, or learning about any table-top role playing games to do so among like-minded individuals. Members will be able to utilize the club’s online community to find or form a group for any type of tabletop role playing game, as well as socialize with other members. Members are encouraged to write creative content during their gameplay, players will write creative backstories and game masters will build entire worlds. The TTRPG Club is meant to be a fun and exciting way to meet people and enjoy playing a game in a judgement free environment.

Trading Card Game Club at George Mason University

Provide means and locations for TCG players to meet, discuss, trade, and play their favorite games.

Warhammer Club at George Mason University

The purpose of this organization is to provide a space for people to participate in games of Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar, learn about the game and setting, and find others who enjoy the hobby.

George Mason University Esports

George Mason University Esports (GMU Esports) aims to promote video games and competition through social, competitive, and intercollegiate play. We are a student club that organizes tournaments and social events to bring gamers together. You can find our Discord server link as well as a list of upcoming events on our Facebook page:

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Lenovo’s story has always been about shaping computing intelligence to create a better world. With the world’s widest portfolio of technology products, we deliver our vision of Smarter Technology for All through products, solutions, software, and services that individuals, communities, businesses, and entire populations need to fulfill their potential.  

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