Student Designed Indie Games


In ChromaSpectra, you play as Claire Voyant, a medium, as she guides trapped spirits to the afterlife. Claire has the power to observe hidden objects in Limbo by playing her Mystic Ocarina. She uses this power to help untether the ghosts of this realm.

Display Days: Saturday 24th

Clean Corps:

Clean Corps is a first person shooter that sees you take the role of a trash collecting superhero created by a child to inspire others to help clean his local beach! Use your vacuum arm to Shoot enemies and suck up garbage to clear each level and take out the trash! With Gameplay Inspired by DOOM (1993) and other unique additions, this submission wowed players and Judges alike and secured Third Place in the George Mason Korea Progress@Play competition with over 70 submissions.

Display Days: Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th


DCG is a looter shooter set among the ruins of a post apocalyptic city and its metro system that both houses and transports the few citizens that remain.

Display Dates: Saturday 24th

Mason Mayhem:

A GMU themed boss rush based around mechanics from the classic Nintendo game Balloon Fight! Battle through 3 Mason inspired bosses, solo or with 3 of your friends, and earn the highest score possible!

Display Days: Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th


Netmon is a little Creature Collector RPG where you turn monsters into stars and wish on them in battle.

Display Days: Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th

Princess Starshine:

In this game, you play as Princess Starshine of the Sparkle Kingdom of Rainbow Butterflies. One day, she accidentally rides an elevator to hell! The demons are ready to strike, but Princess Starshine wields a power even the monsters of hell can’t control… rainbows, butterflies, unicorns, sunshine, and happiness! Play through seven levels of Bullet-Heaven action as you traverse through the seven layers of hell!

Display Dates: Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th

Snowy Siege:

This top down shooter was made in 72 hours by Joshua Sime, Ryann Callaway, and Quinn Eyman for Mini Jam 145. Enjoy the made from scratch pixel art and custom music.  The inconvenient powerups and increasing wave difficulty will be sure to bring some extra action and entertainment to the game in Sime Gaming Studios first ever game jam submission.

Display Dates: Saturday 24th

Time Shift:

An AI controlling an advanced weapons facility has stopped responding. Blast your way into the facility and shut down the AI before its too late!

Display Dates: Saturday 24th