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Student Involvement encourages students and staff to think creatively. We want everyone to contribute ideas and think of new ways they may enhance campus and their experience at Mason. We offer opportunities to put your ideas into action, learn from hands-on experiences, meet new people, develop life-long friendships and gain skills that will help you be ready for wherever your future takes you!

George Mason University Student Involvement
Commitment to Racial & Social Justice

The Student Involvement office is committed to dismantling systems of privilege and promoting racial and social justice.

Part of this commitment requires action – we are continuously unlearning, relearning and striving to be true advocates for racial and social justice. We practice this by participating in workshops, attending training sessions, and providing opportunities for students, faculty and staff to learn, grow, and act together.

While we cannot pretend to walk in each other’s shoes, we can still stand beside each other and embrace inclusion, fight for equity, and be true allies. We are committed to creating and maintaining a space that is welcoming to all. We are committed to standing up against racism, bigotry, or any form of mistreatment that diminishes the respect and dignity that every person deserves.

We will not tolerate anything less.

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4400 University Drive, The Hub, Room 2300, MS 2D6, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 | 703-993-2909 | sa@gmu.edu

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