About TEDxGeorgeMasonU

In the spirit of “Ideas worth spreading,” TEDxGeorgeMasonU is a chapter of the official TED organization. We aim to provide a platform that connects students who are interested in thinking creatively about the world, exploring innovative concepts, and debating ideas. We hope to empower local communities by providing them with a stage to voice their ideas.

We host three types of events every year: TED Circles, TEDx Salons, and The Annual TEDxGMU Conference.

  • TED Circles events embody the spirit of a watch party. Students come together to watch a TED Talk video about a certain theme and discuss how the idea shared affects us personally and through our interactions with the world.
  • TEDx Salon events invite 4 – 5 speakers to present live TED Talks, mimicking a conference-style event on a smaller scale.
  • The Annual TEDxGeorgeMasonU Conference invites 8 – 10 speakers to present live TED Talks to the Mason student body and the community.
Second annual TEDx conference at George Mason University. Photo by Will Martinez/Creative Services/George Mason University
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