NOTE: The President & Treasurer of each RSO MUST complete all required Fiscal Management Trainings before funding will be allocated to their organization. Below is the information regarding Phase 3 (Fiscal Trainings) of Re-Registration.

Fiscal Management 1.5 Training (90 minutes)

Fiscal Management 1.5 is the only in-person training required for re-registration (in the Fall) and which must be attended by both the RSO President and Treasurer each academic year. The President and Treasurer may attend separate training sessions.

Fiscal Management 3.0 Training

Fiscal Management 3.0 is no longer required. If you are going to travel, you need to visit the RSO Self-Service Center for travel procedures. Remember any travel needs to be submitted before traveling or a reimbursement may not be honored.


The RSO Fiscal Handbook is the best source of information for all policies and procedures that your RSO will need to be aware of and adhere to when depositing and/or spending money into/from your RSO account. The handbook follows the same format as the Fiscal Management 1.5 training presentation, but provides more detail than what can be covered during the 90-minute session.


Here are links to some webpages you may need:

Contract / Agreement If you need to pay an individual and/or company, which is providing a service on campus, you will need to access the Dynamics system to complete the Student Services Entertainment and Event Agreement (aka contract).

Sodexo If you want to place a food/beverage order with the on-campus caterer, Special Occasions Catering, for an event, please watch RSO 101 to learn how.

Shoestring Menu Please e-mail for a copy of this form.

Approved Caterers List If you want to bring food to campus from an off-campus vendor, you must choose one of the vendors on the university’s Approved Caterers List.

Events Services If you need to request sound equipment and/or technical support for your university event, then you will need to contact Event Services.

GMU Travel Request System If you need to receive authorization to travel or to be reimbursed for travel expenses, you will need to create forms using the GMU Travel Request System (TRS).

Enterprise Car Rental If you will be traveling via automobile more than 280 miles per day, then you’ll need to rent a vehicle from Enterprise.

GMU Trademark If you are ordering items (e.g., t-shirts, pens, stickers, etc.) with the George Mason University (GMU) name or logo, then you will need to refer to the university’s trademarking policy and restrictions.


For questions regarding the SFB application process, submission deadlines, and decisions about whether your funding application was approved, please contact Ben Endres (Assistant Director SFB) at or Jamison Hicks (Graduate Assistant) at

For questions about spending and/or your RSO account balance, please e-mail