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Our Mission

Student Government serves a mission to represent the interests of their student body and aims to use the feedback of their constituents to improve campus life. Through both the creation and continuation of effective student services, the preservation of University traditions and programs, the support and collaborative nature of their relationships with student organizations, University offices, and the surrounding Fairfax community, Student Government strives to be an invaluable resource for all. With composition from both a strong student Senate and Executive branch, the Student Government is an organization that works for advancing and promoting student interests in academic and social life at George Mason University.

Student Government is a permanent standing entity which receives its legitimacy and authority as representatives of the entire student body. The Student Government of George Mason University advocates the interests of the student body, educates the University community with regard to the state of the institution, and represents the interests of each student. The Student Government of George Mason University will serve as a liaison to the administration, faculty, staff, and University community.

2014-2015 Leadership Team:

  • Student Body President – Phil Abbruscato
  • Student Body Vice President – Dilan Wickrema
  • Executive Chief of Staff – Khushboo Bhatia
  • Speaker of the Student Senate – Evan Del Duke
  • Speaker Pro-Tempore of the Student Senate – Jordan Wilson

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