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NOTE: All RSOs MUST send their President & Treasurer to the required Fiscal Management Training(s) before funding will be allocated to their organizations.

Tier 1 & 2 RSOs- Required to attend the Fiscal Management 1.5 Training

Tier 3 RSOs- Required to attend the Fiscal Management 1.5 & 3.0 Trainings*

CLICK BELOW TO REGISTER Spring 2015 Sessions Available to Sign-Up NOW

Fiscal Management Training 1.5

Fiscal Management Training 3.0

As of the Spring 2015 semester the Fiscal Management has been moved solely online. RSOs are expected to view the Travel Procedures Presentation and following the presentation complete the RSO Travel Procedures Test. In order for the FM 3.0 requirement to be met, the RSO Travel Procedures Test MUST BE RECEIVED or the Fiscal Management 3.0 Opt Out Form MUST BE RECIEVED. See below for the following: Travel Procedures Presentation, FM 3.0 Opt Out Form, and RSO Travel Procedures Test.

* If you are a Tier 3 organization and do not plan to travel, you can opt-out of Fiscal Management 3.0 training using this form: Fiscal Management 3.0 Opt Out Form

RSO Travel Procedures Test – Fillable Form

Travel Procedures Presentation

Graduate Registered Student Organizations – Please email Sara Morrisroe at to set up a training time


The On-Line Fiscal Management Presentation is meant to serve as a resource for students.  Click the link, below, to view the Fiscal Management Presentation Power Point.



The RSO Fiscal Handbook contains information about your RSO account, and includes instructions for the financial functions you may need to use to accomplish your organization’s goals.  You can save the Handbook to your computer, print out a hard copy, or simply refer here to link to it.

RSO Fiscal Handbook


Tier 3 RSOs can find information about the requirements for travel in the Travel Procedures Presentation and the RSO Travel Procedures Handbook.


RSO Travel Handbook

RSO Travel Procedures Test – Fillable Form


Here are links to some pages you may need:

Sodexo, the on-campus caterer: This is where you can place a catering order with the on-campus caterer, Special Occasions Catering, also known as Sodexo.

Shoestring Menu: Catering Shoestring Menu 2015 through Sodexo, our on-campus caterer, is a more economical choice for catering.

Approved Caterers List: If you want to bring food to campus from an outside vendor, you must use an approved caterer from this list.

Events Production: Use this to arrange for sound equipment and technical support for your university events.

GMU Travel Request System: If you wish to be reimbursed for travel expenses, you will need to create forms using the GMU Travel Request System.

Enterprise: Enterprise site If you will use surface transportation to travel, you may need to used a vehicle leased from Enterprise.

GMU Logo Information: Trademark Information If you are purchasing t-shirts for your RSO, you should read this information about use of GMU logos.


RSO Payment Request Form – fillable – 2014 (type in information, then print and sign)

RSO Payment Request Form – 2014 (print out form, complete by hand, then sign)

Purchase Order Request Form – fillable – 2014 (type in information, then print and sign)

Purchase Order Request Form – 2014 (print out form, complete by hand, then sign)

Food & Beverages Authorization Form 2014

W-9 Form Federal

Independent Contractor Form

Event Evaluation Form

GMU Contract

Risk Assessment Form

Fiscal Management 3.0 Opt Out Form


For Student Funding Board questions regarding the application process, submission deadlines , and decisions about whether your funding application was approved, contact Sara Morrisroe, Associate Director of Student Involvement, at or Melissa Masone Ulmer, Assistant Director of Student Involvement, at  Phone 703-993-2909.

For questions about reimbursements and payments or the status of your RSO account, contact Barbara Campbell, Business Manager for Student Involvement, at or 703-993-2894.