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The training quiz for the tier level selected during re-registration must be completed by the President and the Treasurer of the organization. These will be the only two individuals given access to the training quizzes. If any changes were made to your Executive Board after your Re-Registration Submission for the 2017-2018 Academic Year, please email Amber Duffey at immediately.

All training quizzes are on Blackboard. You must sign-in to Blackboard to access the link.

80% or better qualifies as a passing score. You have 3 attempts to take and pass the quiz.  If you do not pass the quiz after 3 attempts, you cannot take the quiz again. Below is each tier and the number of points you must receive in order to achieve a passing grade:

Tier 1 Organizations: 20/25
Tier 2 Organizations: 28/35
Tier 3 Organizations: 40/50
Fiscal 3.0: 8/10

Please Note: The first 2 questions of the quiz (Full Name, Organization Name) do not have a point value and so are not calculated into your final score. Your final score consists of the remaining questions, each worth 1 pt giving you the point total for each quiz (e.g. The Tier 1 Training quiz has 27 questions if you include the first 2, but there are only 25 possible points).

You will be able to view your grade on Blackboard by logging into MyMason (Organizations > Tier (1,2,or 3) Organizations > Grades).

If either the President or the Treasurer does not complete the necessary training for the tier level selected when registering by the training quiz deadline, your organization will not be re-registered for the following academic year.

Tier 1 Organizations

Tier 2 Organizations

Tier 3 Organizations

Training Videos

Tier 1 Resources
Tier 1 Event Planning
Tier 2 Resources
Tier 2 Event Planning
Tier 3 Resources
Tier 3 Event Planning 

Quiz Links

Tier 1 Training Quiz Tier 2 Training Quiz Tier 3 Training Quiz
Fiscal 3.0 Quiz

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