Q1: How do I start a new student organization at Mason?

  • For information on how to start a new student organization at Mason and important dates regarding the Prospective Student Organization (PSO) process, please visit: Start a New RSO.

Q2: Where can I find information on the MANDATORY Fiscal Management trainings?

  • Student leaders who want to have access to their organizations’ finances are required to attend the Fiscal Management trainings. Additionally, student organizations cannot apply for funding from the Student Funding Board until they attend the Fiscal Management trainings. Each recognized student organization’s President AND Treasurer must attend the trainings and the trainings are required EACH ACADEMIC YEAR.
  • Tier 1 & 2 RSOs– Required to attend the Fiscal Management 1.5 Training
  • Tier 3 RSOs– Required to attend the Fiscal Management 1.5 & 3.0 Trainings
  • For more information on Fiscal Management including training dates, links to register, and helpful forms and information for spending funds on-campus, please visit the Fiscal Management page on the website or click HERE.

Q3: Where can I find information for the Student Funding Board (SFB)?

  • All information for SFB including but not limited to deadlines, application materials, FAQs, contact information and more can be found on the following section of the SI website: Student Funding Board

Q4: I am interested in joining a particular organization, how do I get involved?

  • Once you have figured out what organizations you would like to join, go online and log in to getconnected.gmu.edu. Here you will find a list of student organizations, each with their own profile.  You can also send an email message to the primary contact of an organization.  Feel free to email the organization to let them know you are interested and to let you know when their next meeting or event might be. Also, keep an eye out on campus, and on the GetConnected Bulletin Board for various flyers for events on campus sponsored by student organizations. This is a great way to meet the members of organizations.

Q5: What do I use for my organization if I am asked to provide a Tax Number?

  • The tax number that Registered Student Organizations can use is located on the George Mason W-9 form that is located on the Fiscal Management page.

Q6: How do I request a Purchase Order or Reimbursement Form?