Forms and Resources

All organizations are use Collegiate Link to register their groups. Organizations are strongly encouraged to download the user guide and make themselves familiar with how to navigate the website.  Training on the use of Collegiate Link will be provided throughout the school year.  Be sure to ask the Office of Student Involvement staff about these opportunities.

Resources & Policies

Getconnected – Student User Guide

Getconnected – Community Service Hours Tracking Guide

Getconnected – Chapter Roster & Officer Update Guide

Academic Policy

Intake Policy

Verification of New Members

Standards of Excellence

2015 Standards of Excellence Packet

2015 Individual Awards

Scholarship Reports

Spring 2015 Community and Academic Report

Fall 2014 Community and Academic Report

Spring 2014 Scholarship Report

Fall 2013 Scholarship Report

Spring 2013 Grade Rankings

Spring 2013 Scholarship Overview

Fall 2012 Grade Rankings

Fall 2012 Community Scholarship Overview

Spring 2012 Grade Rankings

Spring 2012 Community Scholarship Overview

Fall 2011 Grade Rankings

Fall 2011 Community Scholarship Overview