SFB 2017-2018 Deadlines

Student Funding Board Deadlines

  • All Student Funding Board requests must be  prior to the event, there is no retroactive funding 
  • This means that you must submit an application before your event happens in order to be eligible to receive a reimbursement after your allocation has been sent by SFB (see below for timelines). 
  • Remember applications are not reviewed until after the deadline, regardless of when it was turned in. Applications must be turned in by 11:59pm (EST) of the deadline date. Applications are not reviewed on a rolling basis
  • Organizations submitting applications where travel is involved, you MUST build in enough time for when you apply to account for applications to be reviewed, receive an allocation, and to input travel into the University Travel Request System at least 7 days prior to traveling. 

Please keep in mind that when submitting your application, the committee will send out allocation information 10-14 business days after the deadline. Take the following timelines into account when applying:

FALL 2017 Deadlines

Deadline Dates  Event Dates Eligible for Deadline When SFB reviews When allocations are sent 
September 15th all events 10/2 or after by September 22nd by September 29th
September 29th all events 10/14 or after by October 6th by October 13th
October 13th all events 10/28 or after by October 20th by October 27th
October 27th all events 11/11 or after by November 3rd by November 10th
November 10th all events 11/25 or after by November 17th by November 22nd
November 17th* all events 12/5 or after by December 1st by December 8th

*November 18th deadline is the last deadline for events in Fall 2016, remember SFB does not meet during scheduled University breaks

Spring 2017:

 Deadline Dates  Event Dates Eligible for Deadline  When SFB reviews  When allocations are sent
 January 27th all events 3/1 or after  February 2nd  by February 10th
February 10th all events 3/1 or after February 16th by February 24th
 February 24th all events 3/11 or after March 2nd by March 10th
 March 3rd*  all events 3/23 or after  March 9th by March 22nd
 March 24th**  all events 4/1 or after  March 30th  by April 7th
 April 7th*** all events 4/22 or after  April 13th  by April 21st
 April 21st**** all events 6/1 through 10/1  April 27th May 5th

*March 3rd deadline conflicts with Spring Break, remember SFB is does not meet during scheduled University breaks, please take this into account when applying. All iWeek events on 3/31 must apply for funding for this deadline

**March 24th is the deadline for all iWeek events, April 1st through April 8th

***April 7th is the last deadline for events during the Spring Semester

****April 21st  (These events include ALL Welcome2Mason events, Heritage month events etc. The Welcome2Mason committee will not allocate any funding to organizations)



The Welcome2Mason committee will no longer provide funds for RSO events during Welcome2Mason.

**PLEASE NOTE: The APRIL 21st DEADLINE is for if you’re planning on having any events or need funding during the summer & first month and half of the following fall semester.  This includes all Summer Conferences/Travel, Welcome2Mason events, Heritage Month Events, etc.  If applications are not received by this deadline they will not be considered during the Fall 2017 semester.