SFB Appeal Process

If your organization receives an allocation and you would like to appeal the decision you must do the following…

  1. First, make sure you’re within the Appeals time window, which is that your appeal must received BEFORE the next funding deadline or within two weeks from when your allocation was sent (whichever comes first).
  2. Second, make sure you have read your allocation email completely and checked under the “Important Comments” section.  This is where in the email that an explanation is provided as to what information is needed or why funding was not approved.
  3. After reading through that section, you can respond directly to the email you received providing the information requested.  Information can be provided in the following formats and either dropped off at the office or emailed as an attachment…
    • Estimates from a vendor
    • Links to websites with the amounts provided
    • Screenshots of items being purchased
    • Cost breakdown with detailed numbers
    • GMU Contract that is signed by the performer
  4. Once that information is submitted the board members will review it at their next scheduled meeting and get back to you with an updated allocation.
  5. After receiving the updated allocation and approval you’re able to move forward with the planning for your event

NOTE: If you’re going through the appeals process you should not be advertising your event.  Advertising can begin once you have secured the funds necessary to support your event. 

Any questions further questions feel free to email SFB at sfb@gmu.edu